We mediate conflicts in neighbourhoods and communities

We provide:

  • Community mediation, with which it is possible to intervene in disturbances and difficult situations in communities. These can relate to, for example, disturbing behavior, the use of shared spaces, distrust between property companies and residents, and conflicts involving ethnic and cultural issues.
  • Neighborhood work, which can be used to support dialogue, good relations between neighbors, and general safety. It can also help to prevent tensions and disputes from escalating into conflicts when a new asylum center is established in the area, or when a large number of quota refugees arrive for the first time.
  • Consultations via phone or e-mail concerning disturbances and conflicts in neighborhoods and communities

The Community Mediation Centre offers consultations and education nationwide. Mediation services are available in Southern Finland, and nationwide in assocation with our partners.

The Community Mediation Center is a part of the Finnish Forum for Mediation

Photo Kamen Atanassov, Unsplash