We specialise in mediating neighbourhood disputes and promote restorative justice and mediation in Finland. Community or neighbourhood mediation prevents disagreements or disturbances from escalating into conflicts.

Our services are meant for both private persons and actors working with residential/housing matters and include the following:

  • Community mediation to address disturbances and difficult situations in neighbourhoods and living communities. These situations may include disturbing behaviour or use of shared spaces, disputes within residential committees, tensions arising in different communal living situations, distrust between residents and property companies, and conflicts associated with ethnic or cultural issues.
  • Neighbourhood work that promotes dialogue, good relations between neighbours and general living safety. Neighbourhood work prevents tensions and confrontations for example when a new reception centre is established in an area, or when a large number of quota refugees arrives in an area for the first time.
  • Free of charge consultation and mediation via phone or e-mail concerning disturbances or conflicts in the neighbourhood.

For property companies and housing networks we also offer:

  • Training in mediation as a tool to diffuse disputes and confrontations in residential communities.

The Community Mediation Centre offers consultations and trainings nationwide. Mediation services are available in Southern Finland, and in the rest of the country mediation is organised together with other actors working with residential matters.

Our centre works under the umbrella of the Finnish Forum for Mediation

Photo Kamen Atanassov, Unsplash