Polarisaatiomalli pähkinänkuoressa-luento ke 13.12.


HELSINGIN KAUPUNKI tarjoaa avoimen 3-tunnin koulutuksen! Arvostetun hollantilaisen polarisaatioasiantuntija Bart Brandsman luento on johdatus polarisaation ja polarisaatiostrategioiden uuteen ajatteluun. Aihetta lähestytään käytännönläheisesti ja peilataan osallistujien omaan työhön ja päivittäisiin toimintatapoihin.

Luento: polarisaatiomalli pähkinänkuoressa

Keskiviikkona 13.12.2017 klo 9-12

Luennon kieli: Englanti 


This 3-hours crash course will give an introduction to the new thinking about polarisation and polarisation strategy. The basic laws, the roles, insights and game-changers are delivered in a comprehensive story.

The participants will have the occasion to reflect on the theory within small groups and therefore we hope that you will join with a few colleagues. You will get the chance to reflect on your own daily practices: What impact does it have on your ideas and professional attitude? How do you apply this to your work field? How can we be more effective and develop a polarisation strategy that works for us?

Paikka: Porthania 3 PII (135), Yliopistonkatu 3

Ilmoittaudu 4.12.2017 mennessä: https://response.questback.com/helsinginkaupunki/aojcimqawz

Bert Brandsma

Bart Brandsma (1967) is a Dutch philosopher (social and political philosophy) with an expertise in polarization, independently working as consultant and trainer throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

Brandsma offers strong and practical answers to polarization. His polarization strategy –based on over 10 years of practical training of professionals and thorough practical study after the dynamics of polarization - will bring you new insights (do's and don'ts) regarding our professional dealing with us and them–thinking.

With a small team of dedicated people he trains and advises professionals – such as mayors, public prosecutors, policy makers, teachers, school directors, prison personnel and prison directors, radicalization experts and counterterrorism teams, police professionals, municipality workers, youth workers and social workers, dialogue experts, communication advisors, journalists... These professionals have one thing in common: their supposedly ‘neutral or independent' position in situations of polarization. Brandsma offers a strategy of depolarisation: working from three fundamental insights, the five roles that people play in polarisation and the four practical game changers.

You could call it polarization 'management' in addition to what we are familiar with; conflict management. The two are not the same.

Recently he published: Polarization; the dynamics of us and them-thinking (translation in English available

by the end of in 2017). For a preview of the book have a look at the English section of www.polarisatie.nl.

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